Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Jolly Expensive Dog

That was Duncan's reaction when it told him the cost of Gypsy's vet bill.

I'd better backtrack a bit to the beginning.....

Two and a half weeks ago, Duncan was doing sheep work on a Saturday and was using both of our dogs.  It was a warmish day, but not overly hot.  Duncan took the dogs to one of the dams for a drink and a swim.  Maya went in, but Gypsy refused to go in the water, or even drink (she hates swimming).

Later on, Gypsy collapsed from heat exhaustion and Duncan had to rush her to the vet.  She spent two nights at the vet on a drip and other medications, before I was able to pick her up.  She has to complete three weeks of rest before she's allowed to go back to work (not that there will be any work for her now, because it's harvest).  No running around, so she has to go for walks on a lead.  Being a farm dog, she's not used to being on a lead and nearly strangles herself on the rare occasions she's on one, but I've been impressed so far.....she can now walk on a lead as well as any suburban dog.

The grand total of this misadventure....$1000!

I love her and I'm so relieved she's ok, but that was a big, fat ouch to our bank account (bring on Duncan's overtime pay).

Gypsy after a nice bath.

Liz, our nanny, giving her a brush and
removing the dreadlocks from her bum and tail.

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