Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Perth Pilgrimages

Here are some photos from our two most recent Perth holidays (January and April),  I had allergy testing twice to see if I'm allergic to antibiotics I got a horrible rash while taking for mastitis in Mother Baby Unit).  The tests involved skin patches, skin pricks and then taking tablets).  So far, I'm in the clear and it seems that the rash may have been viral.

My arm after skin prick testing

In January, we visited Elizabeth Quay and Rory had his first train ride.

Rory did not want a photo with Mummy on the Carousel

At the train station

Chilling at the local park near where we stay

In April, we caught up with Duncan's brother for a barbecue and took the boys to the zoo.

Galapagos Tortoise

Some kind of monkey



The male Indian elephant

Tricia the elephant



Another creepy-looking snake

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