Monday, July 31, 2017

Recovery and Results

I'm now two weeks and three days post-surgery, and I'm pleased to report that everything went well.

My abdominal muscles were repaired and I had to have mesh inserted to hold them together.  The hernia has been repaired.  It's frustrating not being able to do a lot of things, but I am so, so thankful it's done.

I spent three nights in hospital in a shared room.  The first lady I shared with was lovely, although we had to talk to each other from opposite sides of a curtain for a while.  It was nice to finally put a face to the voice.  Then she was discharged and I had a room to myself for just over a day before another lady came in.  On the morning I was getting ready to be discharged, this lady was getting ready to go in for surgery.  Suddenly, she started vomiting everywhere and hearing it just made me want to be sick, too.  I felt very sorry for her, but watching/hearing other people being sick is one thing I struggle with.  This surgery was my first with wound drains.  Duncan was grossed out when I told him I had two tubes coming out of me, and blood and gunk was dripping into two containers.  It sure was awkward walking to the bathroom, having to carry them all the time.

I stayed in Perth for five days after discharge, returning to the hospital once to have my dressings changed.  My mum took care of me and it was a very peaceful week, just watching TV, resting, reading and colouring my adult colouring book - a very strange experience without the little fellows, although I talked to them every day via FaceTime.  I think Duncan has a new respect for stay-at-home mums after he took a week of personal leave to care for the boys while I was away.

Now I've been home for nine days and my peace has been shattered.  Since we couldn't find an au pair, my mum has been staying with us as I can't lift or drive for six weeks.  We managed the school/daycare routine without killing each other.  I was especially nervous about the arrangement as when the fellows were born, things did not go well between us.  But, praise God, we have a young girl from our church coming a few days a week to help me, which is a massive blessing.  It's tempting to do more than I'm supposed to, but then I remember what this surgery cost us financially and I'm determined to do what the surgeon said.  There's no way I want to have it done again.

I'm in a bit of pain and discomfort and I'm still walking a bit hunched, like a little old lady.  Thankfully I have a support garment I wear around my abdomen and it stops me feeling like my stomach is going to fall apart.

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Iris Flavia said...

Oh, wee - get well soon!