Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Eight Missed Calls

I don't get why one person will ring another person (who isn't answering) multiple times....but never leave a message!

Sometimes I'll be busy and then get a chance to check my phone and there will be up to half a dozen missed calls from the same person but no message. If I'm at work, I often can't answer my phone so I just let it ring but the caller persists and persists until I finally switch it to silent but then it continues to vibrate in my bag. If I get the chance, I'll send a quick text to that person, explaining that I can't talk now but they should leave a message. And guess what? They don't.

My phone 'policy' is that I don't return calls unless they leave a message. I figure that if they can't be bothered doing that, then they obviously aren't calling about anything important (and some people's definition of 'emergency' is a lot different to mine). It's amazing though when you see the missed caller later and they ask, "Why didn't you return my calls?" Well, leave a jolly MESSAGE!

Why do people do this? Are they just so much of a cheapskate that they don't want to get charged for the call going to Message Bank?

I don't get it. Please explain.

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bek said...

I call and don't leave a message (most times) because I figure, my number (and name if they have me saved in their phone) listed that I have called, so there's not really much point to leaving a msg. But I dont call 8 times...if its that important than I leave a msg!! But yeah...if its not important I dont worry bout it :)