Friday, July 24, 2009

In Hindsight

Hindsight can be a wonderful thing.

Sometimes it's amazing to look back on situations that appeared hopeless, disappointing or just bewildering and see how that particular trial fitted into God's plan. We know in our heads that no circumstance is random but sometimes it sure seems that way and we cry out to God, "Why?"

Last year, I applied for a job as an admin person at a farming organisation in Buntine. I really wanted the job but I didn't get it. As I kept getting knocked back for more jobs, I got more disillusioned and asked God why he was allowing me to go to all that trouble in redoing my resume, answering selection criteria.....for nothing.

This year, I needed to find a workplace that would allow me to undertake admin work experience with them as part of my TAFE studies. I rang up that same organisation that I'd applied for almost a year earlier and asked them if they'd be willing to have me. They remembered me and said yes.

Now in hindsight I can see that although I never got a paid position with them, the interview was not fruitless. I got to meet some new people who could help me when the time came. I've been doing work experience with them for two months now with a few more weeks to go and I've enjoyed working with people my own age.

Sometimes we can see in hindsight why God allowed something to happen....and sometimes we will never know this side of heaven. We just need to trust and obey a loving Father who knows far more than we do.

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