Saturday, July 04, 2009

Look Out Croweaters!

The time is nearly here. I fly to Adelaide on Monday. Actually the date 6th July is exactly one year to the day that Duncan and I flew out to Hobart. That was the only time I've been to Adelaide before....a 30 minute stopover at the airport waiting for our connecting flight.

Therefore, you can expect little or no bloggage here next week. I'll be flying back on Friday night and returning home to Buntine on Saturday so the following week you can expect lots of stories and photos of my totally rad trip to RAdelaide. :)

My plan is to spend some time in the suburb of Alberton where the main character in my book, Brad, grows up and take some photos of houses and schools so I can write better descriptions of Brad's home and school. I hope no-one thinks I'm a stalking weirdo taking pictures of them hehe.

We're staying with my auntie so it'll be good to see her and also my cousin and his partner. They last came to WA six years ago and I've only met them a couple of times before in my life.

Oh and I'm sure it'll be interesting travelling with a very paranoid mother who is now insisting on wearing a mask everywhere she goes because she thinks she's going to get swine flu!
Bye bye for now. Don't miss me too much! ;)

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Iris Flavia said...

Wohoo, hope you have fun! :-)

Good idea to describe scenes 1 on 1 - I´m reading a crime thriller taking place in my town atm, and I just love it! It´s so fun to be able to say, hey, yips been there, know that...