Saturday, March 05, 2011

Sedshed Favourite Post of 2010 Poll

This is a poll more to satisfy my own curiosity than anything else, but I would love to see what my readers enjoyed most at This is what Sed said in 2010. I have assembled a list of approximately two posts per month from last year, and I would like you to tell me which post was your favourite by voting in the poll on the right side of the screen (if you’re using a reader, please click through to my blog to vote). If none of these posts was your favourite, please leave a comment with the title of the post that you wish to vote for (anonymously if you prefer).

You don’t have to be a blogger to vote in this poll. In fact, I know many of my readers aren’t bloggers themselves so I would love to have their input.

Here is the list:

January 2010
The Lonely But Not the Only
Marriage 101: Date Night

February 2010
The Pendulum: Predestination vs Free Will
Growing Up Non Christian – Parts 1-3

March 2010
Calling All Theoblogians #8
Don't Worry Your Life Away

April 2010
A Love Story – Part 1 and A Love Story - Part 2
Get On Your Soapbox #15

May 2010

Not When, But If
Host Etiquette

June 2010
Friday Focus: From the Inside Out

July 2010
Something to Crow About
Friday Focus: But Even If He Does Not

August 2010
Friday Focus: Mourning With The Mourning
The Pendulum: Honesty and Negativity

September 2010
The Pendulum: Sinful Nature and Personal Responsibility
Me, Myself and an Online Sermon

October 2010
Kiss the Cheek, Stab the Back
Friday Focus: Jaded

November 2010
Sarah Wants Her Groove Back
Friday Focus: Cat and Dog Theology

December 2010
Lone Ranger Blogger

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