Thursday, June 10, 2010


Can someone please explain this to me because I'm at my wits end trying to 'get' some people.

Honestly, how can some people go through life being so incredibly vague, disorganised and forgetful?  I know we all have our moments, but for these people, it's like a lifestyle choice.  How on earth do they hold down jobs, maintain relationships or get anything done?

When I hear some women talk about how they have 'baby brain', I roll my eyes.  I'm thinking, how can they blame their featherbrainedness on pregnancy when they've been like that their WHOLE LIVES?  Show me a woman who normally is a fairly organised person, who suddenly loses her marbles during pregnancy, and THEN I will believe 'baby brain' exists.

At the moment, work is a nightmare trying to get organised for our next field day in less than two weeks.  My workmates and I are trying to get everything done in a certain timeframe only to be let down by other people outside the workplace who are not meeting their deadlines.  Their disorganisation makes us look unprofessional because we can't complete tasks until they do what they said they'd do.  How do some people get and hold down important jobs when they decide to go AWOL and leave us hanging?  It's rude!

I'm getting fed up with disorganised people - both at work and in my personal life.  For goodness sake, buy a diary, get Google Calendar and USE THEM.  It's not about being obsessed with people-pleasing; it's about honouring your promises and commitments.  I hate it when people say to me, "Oh you're so organised," as if I got lucky with the 'organised gene' and they missed out.  Take some responsibility!  Organisation is a skill that everyone needs to keep practising their whole lives.

Are some people like this because they think there's always someone who will be stupid enough to pick up after them?  As one of my former workmates at Curtin used to say, "A lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part."  I think this saying is true, but the worst thing is that other people's disorganisation ends up affecting those around them.

Are these sort of people gravitated to me or something?  Does anyone else feel the same?

I don't get it.  Please explain.


hilton said...

Great bio. Love to get lost in the country again, its a great life.
...The world is full of all sorts of people. I can never understand why people do not flush toilets in hotels, etc. I mean that is very simple to do?

Sarah said...

Thanks for your comment, Hilton. I don't get why people don't flush toilets either. In fact, I wrote about it here

Maybe it's just laziness? Maybe some people need to face the consequences of their actions before they get it (get fired, lose a friendship, miss out on attending an event etc).

Iris Flavia said...

I need to memorise that phrase of your workmate, really! I just wish I could live that!

Same here, people just don´t care, wait forever with a response but expect the job done in 5 minutes!
Right now my customer has paid 10 000 euro (!!) for a Live-ticker for the World-Cup. Since weeks my colleagues and I run after those guys - guess what: when I left today, it was still not complete!!! The Cup starts tomorrow!

Sorry, I don´t get it, either!

Suppose it´s some weird view on what the priority is, maybe?
Or people really try to let others do their job, I just hate it! But it works for them often enough...

Amanda said...

We are all wired differently with different temperaments, values, priorities etc... I know that it gets frustrating when others who are not like us are disorganised but its all good for teaching us to be patient, after all God is patient with us and doesn't put a time limit on it.

I am a really organised person but during pregnancy I did get baby brain and it did stick. I'm no where as organised as I was before I had the girls. It does exist.

Mark Edwards said...

I can vouch for the legitimacy of prego brain as well....definetly observable changes in any women during pregnancy. Something to look forward to Sarah? :)

Sarah said...

I am not against people making the odd mistake, double booking themselves etc. We've all done it.

However I do feel 'used' by some people when they stuff me around. It's like they think I'm a kind-hearted little mouse who will always say "That's ok" and pick up their slack.

I honestly do not believe you can survive in this world without learning some sort of organisational skills. People say they aren't organised they were born that way. I could say I was born a mean person, but I doubt anyone would let me get away with that.

Sarah said...

Now I've heard it exists from organised people, I will believe it.

If it happens to myself, I will believe it. :)

bek said...

yes it does exist!

I found working at the bank made me an organised person. I always thought I lacked the 'organisational gene' but I believe it is a learnt skill also. I dont think pregnancy has changed the organisational side of me, its just made me a little more fuzzy in the head and I cant remember certain words to use in a sentence, things like that. So, Im still an organised person, Im just having trouble with communication :)

I know how you feel...we come across lots of people in life, and we ALL have justifications and excuses for our flaws.

Hope work gets better and you can get all the things you need done in time!