Wednesday, June 02, 2010


Those of you who are Facebookers might remember 'Doppelgänger Week' a few months back.  The idea was to post a profile picture of a celebrity which you or others think you look most like.

One of my friends suggested Ginnifer Goodwin.  Do you see any similarities?

My brother, Tim, is a dead ringer for St Kilda player, Adam Schneider.  During last year's Grand Final, Duncan and I kept shouting "GO TIM!" each time Schneider got the ball.

And Duncan decided during Doppelganger Week that he is not only a fan of James Bond, he looks like him too (a few people said, "Yeah, right!")  Personally I think my honey is much hotter than Daniel Craig!

How about you?  Which celebrity have others said you look like?  Who's your Doppelgänger?


Iris Flavia said...

That´s awesome!!! Weird, kinda, too!
Um, I missed that on FB, how do you find out?
Heck, you do speak German after all, it´s a German word (we use "ö", Doppelgönger). :-)

Iris Flavia said...

ä - Doppelgänger, certainly!

Sarah said...

It was on FB a few months ago. Maybe it was just before you joined? I only knew about it because some of my friends had in their statuses. Yeah, I thought it was a German word but I had to Google it to make sure. I forgot to put the ä. It means a double or lookalike of a person, yes?

Who's your Doppelgänger? :)