Monday, November 14, 2011

5 Best Posts From Other Bloggers in 2010

Sometimes it's tempting to see the blogosphere as a competition - or, as the Urban Dictionary puts it, to be overcome with blenvy.

But I believe credit must be given where credit is due and these blogs are infinity times better than mine.  Yes, I'm running a bit late.  2011 is nearly over and I'm blogging about posts from 2010. Oh well.... stay tuned in early 2012 for 2011's best posts.

This is not about giving those silly awards or tagging people.  It's just highlighting some great posts that I can relate to now, or feel might be relevant to me in the future.

Drum roll, please....(in no particular order)

1. How To Be a Successful CHRISTIAN Parent or Not  - No Reading at the Breakfast Table

2. There Will Always Be At Least One - Markedly

3. Not Trying To Be Missional - Women Bible Life

4. 13 Ways To Discourage a Younger Woman - In All Honesty

5. A Difficult Transition - The Key to the Door


Meredith said...

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for putting that post in your top five. I am honoured and encouraged - that you even remember that post given it was a while ago!

It was interesting to go back and read that post, a year or more down the track and fully installed into the decision that I ultimately made.

Funnily, when I wrote that post I hadn't fully made up my mind but then again, when I read the question, "How do I best use the time now given to me to serve God, my family and my community?" maybe in fact I had made my up after all! That question is telling and speaks of a direction - clearly I was taking the first steps down that path.

Great to read your other picks. Very illuminating. This would be a great idea for a meme of some sort. It pulls some good material out of everyone's archives. I might give this notion some thought - unless you pick up and run with it.

Hope you are doing well.


Sarah said...

I'm glad you were encouraged, Meredith. I know good posts definitely stick in my mind, and that one certainly did. I think it's relevant to all women of workable age. Recently I had a similar dilemma when offered an extra day of work by one of my part-time jobs. After asking myself whether this would help me serve God, my husband and community, I decided to stick to two days and not accept the third.