Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Pendulum: Christmas Cards

Ok people I need your help.

I've been wondering whether to do Christmas cards this year.  You can tell I watched a lot of Gilmore Girls in 2009/10 because I've written a pros and cons list just like Rory does.

  • People know we're thinking of them.
  • People who've sent us a card don't feel we're snubbing them.
  • A chance to point my non-Christian relatives towards the true meaning of Christmas.
  • Time consuming.
  • Likely to be unappreciated.  Seriously does anyone really care or not whether they get Christmas cards?  I don't feel offended if people don't send me cards.  If it's a card they've made themselves and has a personalised message in it, then I appreciate  and treasure it, but if it's a cheapy with To Sarah from Bob inside then I don't really see the point, and it's off to Planet Ark to be recycled as soon as Christmas is over.
  • A waste of paper if they are unappreciated.
Each year some of my cousins send Christmas postcards with updated pictures of their kids.  I guess this is a good thing to do if you have kids - relatives get to see how much the kids have grown etc.  But we don't have kids so I'm not sure we really have anything interesting to say other than 'Merry Christmas'.  In 2009 I sent this picture off to everyone - some in an actual card and some as an e-card.

I suppose I could send an updated picture of the animals now that Gypsy has joined our family.  But I can't see Ebony wanting to be in the same photo as the dogs.  It took a few takes to get this picture and, as you can see, both animals are trying to escape.

If I did send Christmas cards, it wouldn't be to everyone.  Maybe just my small extended family, a couple of family friends and those who don't have email.  There's no way I'm doing Duncan's family as well - they are as numerous as the sands on the seashore!

Are you doing Christmas cards this year?

Do you care whether you receive a card or not?

Help me make up my mind, people....

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Iris Flavia said...

:-) Love the Girlmore Girls, too.

Right, if you don´t have kids it doesn´t make as much sense. But I think a new pet/new house/such things are a reason – or: Make a funny pic!

Sadly Germany is still behind in this one. Though actually it´s so cheap and easy these days to make Cards, I wonder if we should make some!

I cannot imagine it´s not appreciated. Those cheapies from the shops, they maybe (though at least they show someone is thinking of you), but one you made on your own? Plus you can add so much with Photoshop (or such), if you´re a bit arty you can make the greatest cards, and I bet people do love one like that. If time is not a matter, go for it, I´d say.