Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Wedding 1 2011

It wouldn't be a normal year if I didn't go to at least one wedding! ;)

On Saturday 22nd October we went to the wedding of Jeremy (who works with Duncan on the farm) and Caitlin.  Unfortunately the skies opened on what was set to be a beautiful outdoor ceremony in Pinjarra just before the bride arrived.  After initially taking shelter, everybody then rushed out with towels to wipe down the chairs.  By the time Caitlin arrived it was cloudy but otherwise fine, and everything else went according to plan.

My new car (I wish haha)

Myself with Shayela (who lives on the farm) and baby Cara

Cam, Shayela and Cara

Having a cuddle

Adam (who works on the farm) and his girlfriend, Alicia


Iris Flavia said...

Wow, your gown/dress is very artful! Love it, you look great :-)

Sarah said...

Thanks Iris :)