Friday, January 24, 2014

Blog-Free Book Week

This is my last post before I take a bloggy break. 

Last week I felt like I was on a downward slide, but thanks to the grace of God I am feeling well again.  In fact, by last Saturday I was feeling much better and have felt well ever since.  Thank you to those people who prayed for me.

I haven't entirely lost my love for blogging; I have so much to say and a huge backlog of posts in my head ready to be typed here.  But I'm realising that not everyone finds it interesting, so I'm back at the crossroads of deciding what this blog is for.  Is it to entertain others, or is it merely a diary for myself, to record the thoughts and events I may well have forgotten otherwise?  Yesterday's quote seems very relevant to me at the moment.  The palest ink IS better than the best memory because even the best memories forget sometimes.  This blog is a great record of my life over the past seven and a half years.

While I was wondering what to do during my break, it hit me!  Smack!  Right in the face (metaphorically of course).  I should be editing my book!  It's one of my hopes for this year after all (it seems to be one of my hopes EVERY YEAR and I still never get the jolly thing done).  So, I've decided 2014 will be the year of Blog-Free Book Week.  Each month I will blog for three weeks out of four and use the fourth week to do some editing.  Except to start off I'm to be taking a TWO WEEK break from now and edit as much as I can.  Normally the only time I get for editing is when I put Rory in daycare, but I just haven't been doing that lately.  I've realised writing blog posts does take a fair bit of time I could use to be doing something that will make me feel better.

Adios for now!  Blog-Free Book Fortnight here I come!


Iris Flavia said...

The quote is the reason why I have a blog :-)

Your plan sounds good, great to hear you don´t stop blogging entirely!

Meredith said...

I remember you said, in your "going down" post that you found the blogosphere quiet and so a bit depressing. Certainly it does tend to go quiet over summer but also I have noticed that commenting seems to be on the way out. Probably because most people read via a reader these days and not live on the blog. But I think it is a great shame. The commenting back and forth was a great part of blogging back in the day. There are still a few blogs where I comment quite a bit - but wonder sometimes if, in the lack of comments from others, whether I am viewed more as a stalker than an interested reader...Deb??

But yes, in the quietness of blogosphere it does come back to the old idea of blogging without obligation and blogging because of your own personal love for writing - and writing in this medium.

Glad you are continuing to write and that you are making time to edit as well. You go girl.

Sarah said...

Thanks Iris and Meredith!

Yes, sadly I think you're right, Meredith, about commenting being on the decline all over the blogosphere (well, among the blogs I read). I miss the long discussions via comments back in the day (not on my blog, but on others). Now even the once heavily commented on blogs I read seem to be struggling a bit in the comment department. I firmly believe in giving encouragement to the bloggers whose blogs I read regularly. Sometimes I wonder if I'm a bit of a stalker, too. It's hard when there are so many good posts in a row and I feel like I just need to comment on all of them. Sometimes I restrain myself so that the blogger doesn't get a bit creeped out. ;)]

I'm wondering whether to hold my annual giveaway this year, or save myself the embarrassment in case no-one enters it. :O

Meredith said...

I hear ya on the commenting and on the giveaway thing. 'Tis a strange new world out there. But we should keep writing even so, for the joy of it. And it does make for an interesting record not so much of events but of thought processes.