Wednesday, January 22, 2014


My little boy turned one on Sunday.  It has been a surreal feeling as I reflected back on the past first year of motherhood.  So much pain and sadness, yet I am so thankful for him and glad he is a part of our lives.  I think of all the spare time I had before he was born; what did I do with myself?!?  I didn't know what stress was before I became a mother.  I'm now more quicker and efficient than I've ever been, but I'm conscious that I need to step back and do less.  The house won't collapse if the floor isn't vacuumed.  It's ok to sit down and read.  Yes, we need to eat and wear clean clothes, but Rory's childhood won't be here to stay.

Since Rory's birthday was on a Sunday, Duncan and I decided that we would dedicate him on that day.  It was fitting that we celebrate with our church family who have helped us so much.  It was great that other family and friends could journey there to celebrate with us and pray for us and we publicly declared that we wish to raise Rory in a Christian home, knowing that any faith he possesses in the future is a work of God.

Thank you God for our little scallywag who is soon turning from bubba to toddler (he has just started 'cruising', his tottery little legs moving along as he clung to the coffee table and couch).

What a difference a year makes!
Those of you who read this blog regularly may remember this post I did just before Rory was born, declaring that I don't do cakes!  Well, I gave it a shot - not to compete with other mums, but just for fun (knowing I could always just make a round chocolate cake with smarties on it if it didn't work out).  I loved this book as a kid and spent many hours flicking through it.  My poor mum was probably quaking in her boots, wondering which cake she'd be asked to make!  Now the book has been passed down to me for the next generation.

Tada!  A joint effort from me and Duncan.  It says 'Leonard
the Lion' in the book, but we called him 'ROARY the Lion'.


Deb said...

Fabulous job on the cake!!!

bettyl-NZ said...

Cheers all around! You have made great strides and I know the rest of motherhood will be fun for you (well, until the teen years)! Congrats on the birthday--the cake is awesome!

Wendy said...

Well done Sarah! Great to celebrate those milestones and look back, knowing how far you've come.

But Bettyl-NZ, I'm enjoying the teen years more than I did the younger years. It's such a stereotype that those years are always horrible.

Karen said...

Happy birthday, Rory! Great looking cake...I used to drool over the cakes in that cake book too, I really liked the swimming pool one but never had that one made for me. Now as an adult, I can see why my Mum may have been a bit reluctant to tackle it....