Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Christmas 2013

We had two Christmases this year for Rory's first Christmas.  It was Duncan's family's turn to have us for Christmas Day, but before we headed to Dunsborough, we had an early Christmas celebration with my family in Albany.

Rory in the Christmas outfit my mum bought him.
Duncan was afraid she was going to dress him up
as an elf!

He doesn't like wearing hats.  Hats are for eating.

With Uncle Tim

Ooo presents!

On our way to Dunsborough.  We had to stop a few times because
Rory was peckish.....or bored.

First swim at the beach on Christmas Day.

He was more interested in tasting the salt water.

We had a family portrait done as a Christmas present for both sets of parents.  Our friend Asha, who is a professional photographer, took it.  Her website is here.


Libby said...

Lovely portrait. Sounds like a great first Christmas for Rory :)

Karen said...

He's so cute, Sarah! Lovely photos :)