Thursday, January 09, 2014

Rachel's 30th

The last 30th I went to in 2013 was in mid December, and it's fitting that the last one for the year should be for my oldest friend.  Rachel and I known each other since kindy days and went to the same primary and high school as well.  It was probably Year 6 (1994) that we started becoming good friends, although we count our friendship since kindy (1988).  Enduring friendships are great; she's seen all of my embarrassing moments growing up which means she could be a powerful enemy as well haha.

Rachel booked out a local cafe in Albany for a private dinner.  My parents looked after Rory so I could go out child-free.  Unfortunately Duncan couldn't make it because of harvest.  It was a lovely, relaxed evening with a harpist providing background music.

I don't have many friends in their 20s left now.

Rachel made her own birthday cake

Opening presents

Hehe I love my placecard.  To Rachel, I'm always Sed

Friends for 25 years and counting

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