Wednesday, June 27, 2012

5 Favourite Posts from the Sedshed in 2011

Well, it was a better year than 2010.  Yet, it still felt like it was two steps forward, one step back.  I really struggled to like living here...I still do.  I'm very much looking forward to the day when Duncan agrees to move.  But at least 2011 had a lot less drama.  It was a 'year of recovery' in many ways.

The highlights were our trip to Sydney and getting our puppy, Gypsy.

1.  Life With AS
2.  Facebook 'Friends'
3.  I'm a Side Plate or a Saucer
4.  5 Things I've Learnt in 10 Years of Following Christ
5.  The Pendulum: Grace and Godliness


Iris Flavia said...

Where do you want to move to? I thought you liked the country?

Sarah said...

I only like the country for the peace and quiet, space, and slower pace of life. But I have NEVER liked the culture of small towns. I'm not a city person either. I think I prefer somewhere in the a regional centre. Somewhere with a bigger variety of people, yet not too busy.