Monday, June 11, 2012

Storms Are NOT Cool!

Perth and the south west region of WA were in the grips of a wild storm yesterday.

Currently part of our roof is either in the garden or has blown onto another part of the roof.  Our gutters are hanging off the house like javelin poles.  Part of our verandah is missing.  Trees and branches have come crashing down everywhere.

We have no electricity and probably won't for a couple of days.  No electricity I can handle.  But on farms, when you lose electricity, you also lose water because the pressure pumps are no longer working.  Last night we went to see one of Duncan's workmates, who still had power, to fill up a big plastic container full of water.  Currently I'm in town so I can get heating, a drink of water and use the toilet (our toilets no longer flush).

Farmers were out last night trying to clear branches off the roads until the Shire come and move the large logs.  They went driving around to check whether anyone was trapped on the roads.  It's scary in the country as you could be driving and have trees crash onto the road in front of you and behind you.  It's nice that there are people who automatically think of others.

With more wild winds and rain predicted in the next couple of days, there is an urgency to get some tarps on our roof.  We are also thinking of buying our own generator as there is only one between six families on our farm.  Ridiculous!

I'm glad the hospitals are getting their power back.  I was quite annoyed to see people whinging on Facebook because they have no power and are bored with no TV.  Ummm ever heard of books?  At least they have water.

I no longer sit at the window and watch storms, thinking Cool!  like when I was a kid.  Now I sit there thinking, Here goes our power and water for a few days.


Iris Flavia said...

So glad our weather isn´t that extreme (yet)!
Hence, opposite here. As a kid I was so scared of storm and thunder, now I like it (as said, not extreme over here).
Hope you get back to normal soon!

Karen said...

Take care, hope the weather today doesn't make things any worse for you all...
Will pray that your power and water are back soon :)

bettyl said...

When they do so much damage, they are definitely NOT cool. I do hope and pray you get your house fixed soon and the country is back to normal.

Janine Ripper said...

Woah you got hit bad. We just had a leak in our roof - of course, that leak equated to buckets of water...but still not as bad as you. We were only out of power for 1 and a bit days. The worse thing for us was the kids...they didn't seem to know how to function and didn't understand the concept that 110,000 people had no power and some were badly effected. All that mattered was that their mum had power, and that they couldn't do their hair with the straightener...hmmm