Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Christians are really prone to letting their boundaries be abused, and also be boundary-abusers. Often we hear the message that boundaries are un-Christian, that if we say 'no' we are being selfish, that loving and serving God and others means being at the mercy of whatever others would have you do for them.

I read this book quite some time ago and I love its practicality. Although the Bible verses the authors quote are sometimes taken a little out of context, they do a great job in creating fictional scenarios which most people could relate to. I know Christians who have scoffed at this book, labelling it as 'Christian cheese', but it's been enormously helpful for me.

Here are some of the boundaries the book explores:

  • Boundaries and your family
  • Boundaries and your friends
  • Boundaries and your spouse
  • Boundaries and your children
  • Boundaries and work
  • Boundaries and yourself
  • Boundaries and God
The chapter, Boundaries and God is not about you keeping God at an arms-length, by the way, but how God has boundaries Himself in how we can approach Him etc.

Boundaries help keep us from being slaves to people-pleasing, and instead focus on what God what have us do. Jesus had boundaries; He didn't do anything that wasn't central to His mission. He didn't heal every sick or lame person. He did His Father's will. And He retreated from the crowds.

This is the kind of book I need to read again and again.

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Wendy said...

Our church in Brisbane was doing this in their ladies bible study when I left last year to come back to Japan. It was a pity to leave part-way through.