Friday, June 03, 2016

Get On Your Soapbox #30

Is it just me, or is anyone else completely over 'parenting experts'?

Each time I check Facebook, my newsfeed is cluttered with articles about what NOT to do.  Apparently any form of discipline you use will screw your kid up mentally for the rest of their life.  No smacking, because they'll become violent.  No time-out, because they'll feel abandoned....

Now it's supposed to be all about 'positive parenting', that if you give your child enough cuddles and attention, their behaviour will improve.  Well, yes, I sort of agree.  But even when Rory and I have had a nice day together, there have still been moments where he's been a complete little toad.

What these 'parenting experts' fail to consider is sin.  Kids are sinful.  No amount of positive parenting will make them perfectly behaved because, like all of us, rotten behaviour comes from the heart.  The heart is something that only God can change.

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Wendy said...

Yep, totally over parenting experts. I stopped reading parenting books a long time ago. Parenting experts also fail to consider grace. They say "Do this and that will result", making parents who don't have "that" happen feel that it is their fault. No grace in that.

I try not to take the blame for bad things my sons do, but I also therefore don't want to take to much credit for the good stuff they achieve either.