Tuesday, January 10, 2017

5 Hopes For 2017

1.  Confront (and hopefully conquer) some long-held fears and phobias.  More to come in another post.
2.  Submit my novel to more publishers.
3.  Try to have regular quiet times.  I don't want to set the bar too high (it's hard to go from pretty much nothing/sporadic times to daily, so I'm aiming for 2-3 times per week, then build up).
4.  Continue to sell baby stuff and other items to raise money for Christian ministries.
5.  Adjust my weekly routine now that I'll be a kindy mum, which will include taking Flynn to playgroup on either Tuesdays or Thursdays, while Rory is at kindy.

What are your hopes for 2017?


Wendy said...

Great, Sarah! Goals without putting too much pressure on yourself. Regarding 3, I've found that finding a time of day which works and gives you external cues helps with regularity. For example, my boys are able to deal with getting ready for school almost completely on their own now! I usually pull out my Bible in my room and do the day's reading for my "read through the Bible" plan (though I also don't set too high a goal, making it through in one year is beyond me at this point). I also listen to a sermon (one of my goals in a land where I struggle with the language of the sermon on Sunday and don't attend a Bible study) during one of my lunches during the week. I'm not trying to heap guilt on you, I know we're at very different stages in our lives, just giving a couple of examples of how I've tied these things with actual times in my day and to encourage you that it's worked for me.

Sarah said...

Thank you, Wendy. I like hearing how other people organise their Bible reading into their daily plan. Even if it doesn't work for me now, it might at a different stage of life. :)