Friday, January 20, 2017


I can still remember what it was like having skin-to-skin cuddles with him when he was born.  Now my big boy Rory turned four yesterday!

We celebrated his birthday early by having a party at our place last Saturday.  His last two birthday parties have been in Perth, because we were up there for other things.  This time, it was nice to celebrate with his local (and some visiting) friends. Since it was going to be 35C, I had organised for it to be a morning of water play.  Then it turned into a mud fest.  It's amazing how the simple things can keep kids amused for hours.

A Thomas-themed party for a Thomas-mad little boy.

These things were great shelter from the hot, hot sun.

Mmm Cheezels

Bubbles are always a winner.

Mud, glorious mud.

This was my first attempt at using fondant.  I'm not a baker and it's
definitely not perfect, but I'm happy with my effort.  Rory loved it,
so that's all that matters.

Nice to have a family photo.

Flynn loves balloons.

We came up to Perth on Tuesday as I have a week's worth of appointments.  Harvest was STILL going when we left (it has finished now, thankfully), so Duncan was unable to come with us.  My mum is here, helping me with the kids while I go to my appointments.

Yesterday, Rory, Flynn and I headed to the city to catch up with our friends, Sam, Aria and Boyd.  We planned to drive to Cockburn Central Park and Ride and catch the train, but there were no parking spots!  So, I tried Murdoch Park and parking there either!  We ended up driving in (Rory took the disappointment of missing out on his first train ride very well).  I took a wrong turn, couldn't find a parking spot and ended up scraping the car on a post (thankfully it's not too bad).  What an effort and a misadventure!  I was feeling quite hot and bothered by the time we finally got to the Fire Station Museum.  The kids had a ball!

The rockclimbing wall was a hit.

Rory was stoked to sit in a real fire engine.

Fireman Rory to the rescue.

There were uniforms and hats there for the kids
to dress up in.  I dressed Firey Flynn in his fire engine
shirt for the day, then seconded him to the SES. He
was not happy.

It was way too big and heavy for him, but he
looked sooo funny toddling around in it.

Then we had lunch.  Rory loves babycinos.

He was so excited to catch up with Aria, who is also four.

Can you believe it has been four years since this precious moment?

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