Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Christmas 2016

It's nearly March and I'm finally getting around to putting the Christmas pics up haha!

Last Christmas was spent in Dunsborough with the in-laws.  Due to harvest being nowhere near finished, it was a fleeting visit - over there on Christmas Eve and home again on Boxing Day.  We woke on Christmas morning to find that the gate on the chookyard had somehow got open and a lot of the chooks were out.  So, there I was at 6am helping Duncan's dad shoo his chooks back into their yard.

Our friends Isaiah, Harriet and Sarah hosted us all at their house for both lunch and dinner.  It was a low-key day with a great variety of cuisines.  Alas, going out for both lunch and dinner was a bit much for the little fellows.  It took them days to recover from it.

The boys' shared Christmas present from us....Kmart bargain.

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