Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Quote of the Day

This is my hope, prayer and desire for my boys as we start this new stage of life....school.

Don't become preoccupied with your child's academic ability, but, instead, teach them to sit with those sitting alone.  Teach them to be kind.  Teach them to offer their help.  Teach them to be a friend to the lonely.  Teach them to encourage others.  Teach them to think about other people.  Teach them to look for the good.  This is how they will change the world.
- Unknown


Wendy said...

Yes, there needs to be a balance. But they also need to learn to meet other's expectations (eg. teacher's set a due date for work, they should aim to meet it) as this is an important life-work skill.

But also keep in mind that though you teach things to your child, they may not learn it, at least maybe not for several years. My 11 y.o. son kicked another yesterday. He knows that it's not acceptable, but his frustration got the better of him and he lashed out.

You can teach these and model them, but in the end it is up to the child themselves to choose these was of living. That is what trips many people up. They berate themselves that they are bad parents (based on their kid's behaviour) and/or they judge others for being bad parents for the same reason, that their kids are badly behaved. That's what I feel from the school sometimes and it's hard to reassure myself that I can't take responsibility for their behaviour as if it were my own.

Sarah said...

Yeah, I took it more about the teaching them, not about the end result. I agree we can only do the best we can as parents and the rest is a mysterious blend of God's will and their own choices. My intent for posting was that there are a lot of Christian parents who get too caught up in the 'best school for my child' bandwagon, whereas God's plan for our children is more than academic success.