Monday, March 05, 2012

5 Tips For Moving House

Amanda and Allie are in the midst of moving.  Here's the advice I'd give to myself should we ever move again.  However, moving is stressful (I haven't attempted an interstate or overseas move yet) and there's no real way to make it easy.

1.  Use good quality packing boxes - even if it means you have to pay for them.  Don't use the ones that supermarkets throw out.  They tend to break easily.

2.  Buy rolls and rolls of packing tape...more than you think you'll need.  It's better than running out and having to go to the shop for more.  Use a packing tape dispenser so that you don't have to bother with scissors.

3.  Start getting ready as soon as you find out you're definitely moving.  Go through your stuff and put aside stuff to be thrown out or sold.  List things on ebay, Gumtree or have a garage sale.  It's better than packing a whole lot of junk you don't need.  Pack as many things as you can live without before you move (i.e. if you're moving in summer, pack most of your winter clothes).  Being organised sure beats hastily throwing things into boxes at the end.  Post the moving date on Facebook and ask your friends to help.  (Of course if you only have 10 days to pack and get out, many of these tips may not be possible).

4.  Be really specific when labelling your boxes.  Don't just write 'Kitchen Stuff' - particularly if there's kitchen stuff in more than one box.  Write exactly what's in there - plates, saucepans, tongs etc. Chances are when you get to your new place, you'll need one specific thing and be ripping tape off a number of boxes (or not being able to because you can't find the scissors) trying to find it.  I've been there!  It's really annoying.

5.  Wrap breakables in linen rather than newspaper.  Not only will it save space, you won't have to wash all of your crockery and glasses later to get rid of the newspaper print and smell.

I'd love to hear your tips for moving house...

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Karen said...

All of those are good. The linen one I hadn't heard though.
We've been burnt by slapdash box labelling more than once. And it's worse if someone from a moving company packs and labels boxes for you, then you have no clue what's in any of them.
Moving interstate is a pain. Too many things need changing. Car rego, health insurance, driver's licences...the list goes on. We now live just south of the Qld border but we are not keen to move back across because of this...