Friday, March 09, 2012

Church Camp 2012

We thoroughly enjoyed our church camp, west of Albany, again this year, despite missing the first half of it due to Duncan being sick.

The Saturday night entertainment had a 1970s theme.  The couple who organised it did an amazing job decorating the hall so that it looked like ten pin bowling lanes created by strips of lights.  There were two big screens set up so that we could all play ten pin bowling on the Wii, plus there were disco balls, popcorn and a drink fountain. 

Duncan after a not so successful attempt.

I had totally forgotten to bring a 70s style outfit for the night (Duncan was relieved he got out of wearing a costume haha) .  Fortunately one of the ladies had brought along the dress she wore to her 21st birthday party in 1970 to see if someone else could fit into it.  Perfect!

It has a HOOD! :)

I like this banner!

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