Monday, March 26, 2012

Another Excellent Esperance Expedition

Duncan and I had a week-long camping holiday in Esperance in February.  Alas, it was not hardcore camping (we stayed at a caravan park), but it was therefore much more pleasant than having smelly, hairy armpits all week.

We enjoyed swimming, snorkelling, walks on the beach, coffees, two trips to the cinema, visiting one of the local churches, meals with friends who live down was just nice.  We enjoyed the company of two friends from church who stayed next to us in their caravan.  I read most of Gone with the Wind that week since I've decided to challenge myself to read several literary classics this year.  Last time we came to Esperance it was school holidays and the caravan park was packed.  Because of the large numbers of guests, the ladies' bathroom was nearly always covered in sand and dirty footprints.  This year I pretty much had the bathroom to myself a lot of the time I needed to use it.  I think I only saw another lady in there a few times.

The downside was that some lowlife piece of scum stole my bathers from the caravan park clothesline.  The sneaky wretch waited until dark and pinched them during the night.  I was livid and that's an understatement.  I still can't believe someone stole them.  They weren't new and for all the thief knew, I could have diseases or something.  No-one else's clothes on the line were touched.  So I made a trip to the surf shop that morning.

The other downside was that we had another stinker of a day.  During our last visit just over two years ago, we had 45C while camping in our tent.  This time, Duncan had an iphone and saw in advance that it was going to be 42C for the last full day we would be there.  We packed up our tent on the morning of the hot day and exchanged our powered site for an airconditioned cabin (paying $50 extra).  I stayed in the cabin all day while Duncan and our friends went bike riding in the dunes and jetskiiing an hour's east of Esperance.  They're mad....mad, I tell you.  There must be something about Esperance that it likes turning on these random hot days when we come to visit.  The guy in the surf shop was talking about THAT hot day two years ago, and we were like, "Ummm, yeah we were here then, too."

Now...some photos. :)
Ahhh...Twilight Beach

Such a handsome fellow

It's me!

Ewww.  Yuck!  We didn't go here for dinner!

I just wanted a 'feet in the sand and water' shot

These people were going to jump off the rock!  Fools!

We took the beast out along the beach to the gateway to Cape Le Grand National Park

Neil and Duncan

Duncan's attempt at a leaping shot
Take 2
Do you think Toyota will offer me a job? :)


Iris Flavia said...

I should´ve asked you to join us (if I´d knewn you back then) - each time we were in Esperance it was way too cold for a swim, brrr!

Gah, those fools are everywhere. In Perth Kingsway Caravan Park someone stole my underwear from the clothes line. I was too mad to look any man in the eye there afterwards. What a Freak.

Love the pics, esp the last one, you look just great :-)

Sarah said...

Aww thanks, Iris. :)

Stealing underwear...that is creepier than stealing bathers. It was a hot day when my bathers were stolen so maybe it was a woman my size who was desperate for a swim. Gross all the same.