Thursday, March 29, 2012

I'm the Voice

Have you ever read a blog of someone you haven't met in person and wondered what their voice sounds like? Or have you ever spoken on the phone to someone you haven't met and, from their voice, built up a mental picture of what you assume they must look like?  I have and I was very surprised when I met them in person because they looked or sounded nothing like what I expected.

I often wonder what some bloggers would sound like if I met them face to face. Have you ever wondered what my voice sounds like? Well, here it is. This was me reading 2 Samuel 14 in church in September last year. I was quite shocked when I first heard it as my 'recorded voice' sounds nothing like what it sounds like to my own ears.

So, was it what you expected? :)


Iris Flavia said...

Haha! No, totally not! That´s really you? Expected your voice totally different. Just cannot describe how.
You sound nice, though :-)

I hate to hear my voice - it´s just not me! Spouse on te other hand sounds totally normal when recorded, kinda frustrating. I avoid to hear "me" ;-)

Karen said...

Your voice is very easy to listen to :)

Mark E said...

interesting. No....not what I expected. Very aussie.

it is pretty easy to hear my voice online if you want to..

Sarah said...

Thank Iris and Karen. :) Yep, Iris it's really me. I still cringe when I hear my recorded voice, and can't believe I sound like that.

Haha Mark I must have spent too long in the country. Although when I was working in Dally, I was asked by a British tourist if I was a Pom. I must absorb other people's accents or something. I've listened to one of your online sermons, Mark so I know what your voice sounds like. :)

Janine said...

Hey! It's actually near what I expected (but that's coming from a fellow Aussie).

I so know what you mean though - I recorded myself the other day to try and do my first video-blog...I rethought that after I heard myself. Man...I was even giggling during it! I giggle so much!