Monday, March 03, 2014

Church Camp 2014

It was nice to be able to be a part of our church camp again this year (last year we had to give it a miss due to Rory being only a few weeks old). 

One of the activities for the weekend was a photo scavenger hunt.  We were given topics and had to creatively think of a photo to take that reflected the said topic.  Duncan and I decided to document Rory's weekend at his first-ever camp:

Sports action
This is Rory and his friend Allen

Bible scene

Food scene

Relaxing weekend

Beach action


This is Rory's beloved bedtime teddy
Our Saturday night entertainment involved getting creative with some fruit and vegetables, knives and toothpicks.  Since I feel very uncomfortable with wasting food, I made sure all toothpicks were removed and lots of people took bags of scraps home for their chooks.

As you can see, there are some VERY talented people in my church when it comes to food art:

Mr Potato Heads

My Mr Potato Head

Rockmelon Jack-O-Lanterns
Farm equipment

Farm equipment

Farm equipment

Food faces

Bible scene.
This is my entry hehe.  Yes, I know Eve wore fig leaves, but I
thought cabbage and spring onion underwear would be a winner.

Moses parting the Red Sea

Last supper

It was lovely spending the weekend near Perkins Beach (between Albany and Denmark).  My Saturday afternoon swim was so refreshing.

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