Friday, March 21, 2014

The Bubba: 11-12 Months

He's an expert crawler and 'cruiser' of furniture, but he hasn't quite got the confidence to walk yet.  This seems to be a concern to others judging by the looks on their faces when they ask me if he's walking, I tell them no, then they proceed to tell me about their child/grandchild who was walking by nine months.  If Rory wants to be quadrupedal for a little while longer, that's ok.  I'm sure he'll be bipedal eventually.

Not too sure about Nanna's patties

Storytime with Nanna

He loves Ebony so much (she doesn't feel the same way)

This is why I'm not a hairdresser.  Sorry, my boy!  You
look like Friar Tuck.  He's our little monk-ey haha.

This will be last bi-monthly update of bubba photos although I'm sure he'll still feature regularly on this blog!


Libby said...

He looks really happy Sarah. You can tell them that a paediatric physio told you that normal walking age ranges hugely from 10mths to 18mths. :)

Karen said...

I was coming in to say what Libby said...I'm just a paediatric OT though so her opinion trumps mine ;)

He is so cute, and he does look pretty contented in all those photos. Hope you're doing okay too!

Sarah said...

Ah thanks ladies for putting my mind at rest. He's 14 months now and has been in the crawling/cruising stage for 4 months. He seems content to take his time which is fine by me - less things he can get into. ;)

I didn't walk until 17 months and I think Duncan was 14 months. Are these things genetic?

Libby said...

He'll get there Sarah by the sounds of it. Walking age can be a bit genetic but there's lots of other variables as well, like muscle tone, environment and opportunity. x

Karen said...

In my experience, there can be a bit of a genetic component to it, yes. I'm sure he'll get there, my eldest son was the one who walked latest, with all of the others there seemed to be greater motivation to get themselves upright so they could be like their older sibling(s)!