Friday, March 14, 2014


Rory went for allergy testing yesterday and I received the terrible news that he is allergic to cats.  This means we will have to find a new home for Ebony.  I could hardly stop myself from crying as we left the clinic.

The other bad news is that, despite being pretty much clear of eczema for the past few months, Rory is allergic to dairy, eggs, peanuts and cashews.  Environmental allergens (besides cats) include grass seeds and dust mites.

The repercussions mean that I will have to keep him away from these foods until he is re-tested in a year's time.  He will need to drink either a soy formula, or an alternative milk such as almond milk or rice milk.  I bought him some soy yogurt today as well as biscuits and crackers containing no milk or egg.

The doctor insisted we rehome Ebony, have all walls, carpeted areas and furniture steam cleaned, get a protective cover for his mattress, and dry all of his clothes inside.  He said if we don't get rid of Ebony there is a good chance Rory will develop asthma.

I was most unimpressed with this doctor!  Rory was screaming while he did the tests and he offered no words of reassurance.  His bedside manner was sorely lacking!  He had a 'get over it and stop crying' kind of attitude.  I mean, hello, he's a baby, of course he's going to be scared.  This guy clearly seemed to be a cat hater and said that everyone should get rid of their cats because they cause allergies.

I'm sure Rory will be ok.  There is a good chance he will outgrow the food allergies, but the doctor was doubtful about the environmental ones.

I really don't want to part with my dear puss!  We've been together for nearly seven years.  She's part of our family.  Maybe people who don't have much-loved pets won't understand, but she is a great companion who means so much to me.  It's so hard to rehome cats.  No-one seems to want them.  I won't give her to a shelter and I will be very picky about finding her a good home.  My parents said they will care for her temporarily until someone is found.  I'm thinking she would suit a retired person or couple who can have her inside and give her lots of attention. 

I won't give up and I'm already looking at alternative treatments and opinions.  A friend of ours had allergies to cats, wheat, dairy and basically couldn't eat before she saw a naturopath allergist in Melbourne.  She is well on the path to recovery!  I'm going to get in touch with him, even if we have to make a trip to Melbourne.

I'm really praying I can keep spending my days with both bubba and cat.

Lots of cuddles with my furry girl today.


Wendy said...

So sad. I really feel for your Sarah!

Wendy said...

Sorry, meant, "I really feel for you Sarah!"

Libby said...

Oh Sarah, that's a big diagnosis to come to grips with. My eldest is allergic to grass/pollens, dustmites, peanuts and all treenuts (and a few other environmental ones) and my daughter dairy and egg (and she has grown out of wheat). It's a tough road - will be praying for you. Potentially the blog I write with a friend might help you with recipes that are kid-friendly - - we've both recently had babies so blogging has slowed but there's heaps on there.

Libby said...

PS - a formula (soy or a more specialist one like Elecare) is worth considering as the caloric value of almond/rice/soy milks are pretty low and the formulas provide better nutrition for babies so little. You want to make sure he thrives despite being on a restricted diet. x

Karen said...

Sorry to hear, Sarah, no experience with allergies here but just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you guys and praying things will work out so you might be able to keep Miss Ebony too. x

Jenny said...

Sarah that is the WORST feeling. My son had exactly the same allergies as Rory and suffered terribly from eczema as a little baby. The good news is that he's almost 16, a gorgeous young adult and what's left of his childhood stuff is an allergy to tree nuts (he carries an epipen with him, no dramas) and has to drink soy milk. He gets a bit sneezy when I don't clean his room properly and he doesn't have asthma (and we live in the middle of Sydney).

So it's not a given what the doctor has told you. But it is completely overwhelming when you first hear this news so I feel for you.

Sarah said...

Thanks everyone!

I'll take a look at that website, Libby - thanks! I'm thanking God for vegans right now since I can buy dairy and egg-free snacks in the supermarket that are marketed at them. Congrats on your new baby by the way. :)

I'm thankful that Rory's allergies are not so bad he needs an epipen. I think I'll look into alternative therapies/desensitisation. My parents are going to have Ebony for a few months when they get back from their holiday, but don't want her permanently. While she's gone, I'll steam clean the house.

Iris Flavia said...

Oh, I´m so sorry to hear, that´s a lot to cope with, foodwise and seven years is a long time, too.
Hope the doc in Melbourne can help you keep her, too... Hugs Xx