Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Holiday Destinations Beginning With D

It was recently pointed out to me that our two summer holiday destinations (Dunsborough and Denmark) both begin with the letter D.

And in a few days we are off to Dalwallinu...another D.

I think it's fitting to say that this post is brought to you by the letter D. :)

First up, Dunsborough - Duncan's hometown and where his parents and numerous extended family members still reside. 

For the benefit of interstate and overseas readers who may not be familiar with WA, Dunsborough is a beachside town in the south west of Western Australia (this is a winery, brewery and surfing area).  Years ago, it was a small surfie town but now it's a holiday destination for Perth's elite.  The yuppies seem to treat Dunsborough as if it's their own personal playground, coming down to their holiday houses numerous times a year, and shopping at the expensive boutiques which have sprang up everywhere in the town.  Duncan's not too pleased with what's happened to his hometown, but that's life I suppose.  It's still a lovely place to holiday and I love the free accommodation with the in-laws. :)

Playing ball with Granddad.  He loves his Granddad.

Ahhh holidays!  It's tiring being a bubba

After five days in Dunsborough, catching up with friends and relatives, we headed home for a night, did loads of washing, and Duncan got his gun ready for a fox shoot he was planning to go in the following weekend (which he didn't end up going in).  Then it was off to Denmark.

Denmark is a hippie town on the south coast of WA, half an hour's drive west of Albany.  It's kind of like WA's version of Byron Bay but on a much, much smaller scale.  Apart from the smell of incense in lots of shops, I love Denmark!

We stayed in a chalet a few kilometres from town.  It wasn't flash and was overpriced, but it was an adequate home for the week.

We visited the Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk:

Rory wasn't sure about the whole thing.  Perhaps he's like his
mummy and not too keen on heights!

Don't look down!

Happier to be out of the pram

The estuary near Ocean Beach:

Green's Pool:

Th water was so cold! Brrr

One of my favourite beaches.  Just beautiful!

Perfect for snorkelling...except I forgot my snorkel and flippers

Fish and chips by the river:

Some feathered friends thought they were invited to the party

Shoo!  It's my fish!  MINE!

The downside of the week was that I had a particularly bad flare up of arthritis.  While we were at the Tree Top Walk last Wednesday, I said to Duncan, "I don't feel well.  I think I'm getting the flu."  I had no head cold - just aches and pains, fevers and fatigue.  This happened three years ago, not long after I was first diagnosed, when I had two of these fevers within three weeks, each lasting a few days.  I had to spend a lot of time lying down and we timed going out when I had bursts of energy.  Panadol enabled me to enjoy the week and I slept while Rory napped.  Thankfully it has now passed although my lower back and right hip are still painful.  I read online this can happen during flare-ups.  Despite this, it was a great holiday.

Looking forward to returning to Dalwallinu on Saturday for the first time in over 18 months....and visiting our old cottage in Buntine.

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Iris Flavia said...

:-) Great introduction, reminding me I could watch Sesame Street being signed sick!
Oh, yes, the Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk - it was horrible back then, now I wouldn´t even dare anymore...
The water just looks great, seems like you had (mostly) a lot of fun!

Have a great next holiday, hopefully totally fit and healthy!