Wednesday, March 19, 2014

From Head to Hand: Pen Name

One question I've been asked a few times in regards to writing is what name I'm going to write under.  Will it be my married name, my maiden name, initials, or a pen name?

I've always wanted to write under my maiden name.  Even though I wasn't too fussed about my surname growing up, it's who I was when the idea for this book was first conceived in my mind, it's who I was when I began writing it, and it's who I will be when I finish it.  Writing under my maiden name will have the advantage that more people know me under that name.  People I knew growing up in Albany would go, "Ah, I knew her," but if they saw my married name on a book it wouldn't attract their attention.

I like the idea of keeping my public and private lives separate.  That doesn't mean I think I'll become a big celebrity, but I do want to protect my family.

Since it's a fictitious novel about Aussie Rules football, I've had a few people suggest I use my initials for my first name or use a man's name.  I briefly gave the idea some thought before deciding against it.  It seems nothing much has changed since the days where women were forced to publish under male aliases if they were to be successful.  J.K. Rowling decided on initialising her name instead of being Joanne Rowling because she thought more people might be interested in Harry Potter if they didn't know she was a woman!  Apparently women don't know anything about wizards or football - I'm going to prove them wrong.

Maybe I'd sell more books as a man, but I'm determined to be myself...who I was in the beginning.

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