Thursday, August 02, 2012

Diary of an Incubator: 15 Weeks

I was told by a friend that I need to do the obligatory belly photos and put them on Facebook.  Since I value blogging more than Facebooking, I decided that the photos can go on here first.

I've already been told that I look large for 15 weeks.  But other women said that some show early and some show later.  Everyone's different.  I'm not concerned.  I just know that I'm now at that 'awkward stage' where people in town are starting to look at me suspiciously, wondering if I'm pregnant or if it's a beer gut. jeans don't fit anymore.  I was using an elastic band and a paperclip to hold them together.  It hurt to sit down (which I kind of need to do at work and at church).  God bless the friend who has given me two boxes of maternity clothes, including several pairs of jeans.

All in all, I'm enjoying not feeling sick anymore.  But now I'm starting to get headaches and dizziness.  At least they're not every day.

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