Wednesday, August 08, 2012

What a Fortnight!

I've felt quite stressed and run off my feet over the past two weeks.  Here's why:

  • I recovered from the flu only to be thrown straight back into work with two events in three days.  I had a complete meltdown on the phone to Duncan because of the stress with organising the second one.  Catering, venues, speakers, people...aaargh!  It does my head in.
  • I stacked it in the middle of a street right in town.  I was pushing a shopping trolley and the wheel must have hit a pothole because over went the trolley, and over I went on top of the trolley.  Either nobody noticed, or they just couldn't be bothered helping me up.  I had a painfully sore, cut and bruised leg after that incident.  I'm not sure if I started crying because of the pain, shock or because I was already having a very bad day.
  • My cousin and his long-term partner split up.
  • A friend on the farm had to rush to Perth as her terminally ill father didn't have long left.  She was most worried about the fact that he wasn't a Christian, and she felt the burden of being the only Christian in her family...the only one who could tell him about Jesus.  This brought back horrible memories for me about when my Nan was in hospital, and Duncan and I tried to share the gospel with her.  It IS a privilege, but it's also really hard knowing that they might choose a Christless eternity.  Some people in Christian families don't get how hard it can be.  Praise God that my friend DID get to share the gospel with her dad (who is still hanging in there), and that he prayed out loud right there and then to ask God for forgiveness, putting his trust firmly in Christ.  What a wonderful answer to prayer.
  • Another friend rang me to tell me her partner's Nana had passed away.  I always feel sad when I hear of people losing grandparents.
  • I heard that a friend of mine from high school had passed away a few weeks ago.  I lost touch with Sharon when high school ended, but I still felt so, so sad when I heard the news.  She had been sick with recurring tonsilitus and couldn't shake off an infection which led to inflammation of the lining of her heart.  Just awful.
  • At PWC on Saturday, I was fighting to hold back the tears as I heard the testimonies of three wonderful older women who have walked with Jesus for many years.  They have suffered so much, yet they praise Him for His faithfulness and are just so thankful for all they have.  One lady shared about how she was the only Christian in her family and had received much opposition from her mum (boy, could I relate).  Then both her parents put their trust in Christ on their deathbeds.  Both were in their nineties.  It gave me such hope, particularly after writing The Golden Oldies back in March.

That was my fortnight.  Tumultuous.  I'm looking forward to holidays.


Karen said...

Hang in there Sarah, it does sound like you've had heaps on your plate lately! Take care of yourself and hope the holidays aren't too far away. Praying for you and your little one too :)

Sarah said...

Thanks Karen. Prayers much appreciated. Holidays start on Sunday hooray! :)

Wendy said...

I hope that things are looking up after your holidays. You sound like you've had lots of tears, pregnancy always made me more emotional and less rational, all those hormones running around can cause havoc!