Monday, August 06, 2012

Heidi's 30th

My good friend Heidi (who I've known since high school) turned 30 at the end of June, and I had the privilege of attending her birthday.  It was a good thing it was on the same day as Sam's Baby Shower because it meant only one trip to Perth.  However, I was still pretty stuffed by the end of it.

Heidi chose an opshop theme for her party.  Guests had to wear something outrageous that they had found at an opshop.  As you can guess, this was right up my alley.  Duncan...not so much.  When I saw that Heidi was wearing an old wedding dress, I thought it was a hint that she would be announcing her engagement to her partner, Michael.  I was wrong.....but I still think engagement is not too far away.

Heidi and Michael. 
Heidi is recovering from a bulging disc in her back
so she had to spend some time lying down.

The very cool watermelon cake.

Duncan came as himself.  I wore a hideous yellow knitted jumper with bobbles on it and some pink trackies courtesy of our local op shop.  The Hawaiian shirt was a previous op shop purchase (for costume parties, of course).  The trackies were very comfortable and I told Duncan I was considering wearing them as PJs.  He said, "NO!" ;)

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