Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Birthdays and Catchups

The night before we headed off on our holiday to Dalwallinu and Melbourne, we went to our friend Clare's 21st birthday party.  We know Clare from church, and it was great to catch up with others from church there as well as a few ex-Cranbrook people.

Clare's shearing shed was totally transformed for the party, and looked fantastic.  Since I'm planning to have my 30th on the farm next year, it was good to know that sheds can look great if required.
After four lovely days in Dally, catching up with as many people as humanly possible, we headed to Perth and flew out to Melbourne.  The first thing we did upon arriving in the Victorian capital (apart from checking into our hotel) was to go to another birthday party - this time for our friend Jenn at a pub in East Brunswick.
Us with the birthday girl.

With Jenn and her friend Meredith.  Jenn's friends were so lovely.  They went out of their way
to talk to us.

I learnt two things during that evening.  One was that apparently I sound like a South African (last time we were in Melbourne, we were asked if we were English).  I never notice any difference in accent between Australian states.  The other is that Victoria is behind WA when it comes to smoking laws.  It's still legal to smoke outside pubs and cafes in Melbourne.  There were ashtrays on the tables.  Yuck!
The next morning we caught up with our friends Jo and Dan and their three boys at their church which is the oldest church building in Victoria.
Meeting baby Jonah for the first time.  He doesn't look so thrilled to be meeting me haha.

We went out for dinner in Lygon St with Jenn and her housemate and just had to take
a photo of this very cool Diet Coke bottle.


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