Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Window to the Past

I love photographs!

A photograph has been described as a 'window to the past'.  What a fitting description.

I love that anytime I wish to relive good memories, I can simply gaze at a photograph.  Instantly I feel like I've been transported back to that moment, that all the time between then and now never existed.

But sometimes a photograph of a happy memory can trigger sadness.  I am looking back in time.  What I know now affects how I see that captured moment. 

Perhaps this is the same for you.  A photo of happiness, laughter and triumph can cause emotional pain.  A photo of two friends laughing together....years later they had a fight and are no longer friends.  A photo of a couple on their wedding day, deeply in love....years later they divorced.  A photo of your grandmother....she has since passed away.  A photo of a sportsperson on the dais receiving their award...years later they were discovered to be a drug cheat.

The present can sour the past.

Each photograph has a story behind it, for better or for worse.

Take this photo, for instance.  It is my current profile picture on Facebook.  A lot of people 'liked' it.  I was surprised.  Not because I don't like the photo...but if only they knew...

This photo was taken on the 10th March 2007.  Duncan and I had been together for two months, and it was the weekend he met my family for the first time.  It was actually a really nice day together.  What this photo doesn't show was the two months of difficulty we'd been going through prior to this day with experiencing opposition to our relationship (read the story here).  I nearly broke up with Duncan the day after this picture was taken because I was so stressed and confused.  This photo shows me enjoying a milkshake.  I'm surprised two months of stress doesn't show on my face.

A photograph tells a story, but not always the full story.  Although the past may hold fond memories, as time goes by those memories can be tarnished.

I will always love photographs.  I have many I treasure.  I will continue to take photos and I will encourage others to do the same.  Even if all they do is sit in an album, it is still lovely to have them there.

Many of my photos hold such good memories.  I hope and pray that will continue to be so.


Janine Ripper said...

It is a good photo but I totally understand about there being underlying meanings behind photos that others don't know or realise. Good on you guys for coming through the hard times together.

Amanda said...

I know what you mean. There is a photo of us in front a tree in Benin (West Africa) in which we both look happy but seconds after that was taken we were attacked by hoards of people. I don't see the nice photo when I look at it, I see the attack and the effect it had. I have other photos taken during my highest peak in the stress a couple of years ago and it shows on my face. I look withdrawn and depressed.

Iris Flavia said...

A very good post, Sarah.
Sometimes photographs can be a strong reminder to cherish what we´ve mastered...
Just thinking of our last holiday with our Mum. Happy faces despite inevitable fate. And at the time pics taken, we actually kinda really were happy.
Love is hard work, guess you cherish this pic, no? ;-)

Sarah said...

Yeah I still do like that pic...otherwise I wouldn't have chosen it for my Facebook profile pic. :)

There are mixed feelings about some photos, I guess.