Monday, October 15, 2012

Melbourne Shopping and Eating

It wouldn't be a trip to Melbourne without some shopping. :)

One of the my major missions was to find a dress to wear to a work function Duncan had in September.  Normally I would have just worn something I already had, but, being pregnant, it proved to be a tad more difficult.  I wanted something that wasn't maternity, that I could wear again, that would stretch over the belly (especially since I bought it a month before the event), and didn't make me look like a frump.

After an unsuccessful trip to Bridge Road in Richmond, we hit the DFO at South Wharf.

Ah, success!

I love the pattern!  Something a bit different...

I also bought these shoes (NOT to go with the dress, of course):

This coat is from the Queen Victoria Markets:

I found these earrings at a retro shop called Retrostar Vintage Clothing.  Duncan was bored witless while I was there, so he waited for me outside hehe.  The shop is very expensive and I was excited to hear they are opening a thrift shop in Fitzroy soon.  Too bad we can't afford to come back to Melbourne any time soon.

We HAD to visit our friend, Max Brenner:

Dinner at Southbank:
Duncan posed reluctantly outside this bottle shop:

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Iris Flavia said...

Bu-haha! I googled "frump". Oh, the choices I have! LOL! Vogelscheuche was the best one I got for you!!
Bet you´ll do better than that. Hehe ;-)