Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Rory's Advent Calendar

I thought I'd try doing the whole Advent calendar thing with Rory this year. Due to my circumstances, counting down the last 10 days until Christmas seemed like a more feasible task. Equipped with envelopes, textas and a few Christmas stickers, I copied Cathy's idea and let him make his own. He wanted me to help him write the numbers, and he didn't quite get the concept of not sticking the stickers over them, but he seemed to enjoy himself.

Judging by other mums' efforts via Facebook, mine seems like one epic parenting fail. I didn't get around to putting any confectionery in the envelopes, except for one measly lolly banana yesterday. Nor have I put in any Bible verses. But we've read a few kids' books about the Christmas story and enjoyed the lead up to the big day. Maybe next year I can be a bit more organised.

Throughout this I'm reminded that God is sovereign over all things - including whether our children come to faith. While Christian parents have a responsibility to bring up their children in the knowledge of the Lord, no fancy Christmas craft can make them Christian. God can use even the most feeble of efforts.


Caroline said...

Hi Sarah,

I think that there would be plenty of mums (not posting on Facebook) for whom any any Christmas craft activity would be an epic success. And if you've read some books and enjoyed the lead up you're starting to create lovely memories about Christmas for Rory. My sons are grown up, but it's surprising some of the things they remember that were meaningful for them. And praise God that he can use our feeble efforts.

Happy Christmas to you and your family,

Caroline (in Melbourne)

Wendy said...

You've nailed it in your last paragraph. The enemy likes us to make negative unhelpful comparisons of ourselves with others. But God works by grace. It doesn't mean we get to be slack, but it also means we shouldn't knock ourselves around unnecessarily. I've never done Advent with my boys, mostly because it hasn't been a part of my religious traditions, being Presbyterian. But when I've had the time, motivation, and energy, I've done various crafts, baking, reading Christmas stories, etc with them over the years (practically nothing this year, they are older, but I was also quite exhausted most of December). We make Christmas far more than we need to, I often think. It is really a simple, yet profound story. One that is relevant all year round, not just in Advent season. You'll have thousands of more opportunities to tell him the story.
May God bless you and yours,