Thursday, March 03, 2016

New Song in My Heart by Rob Smith

My prayer at the moment...

Put a new song in my heart,
Let me hear the praises start,
Dispel the night,
And give me light again.

Put a new thought in my mind,
Help me leave the past behind,
And break these chains,
That I might live again.

Lift my fallen face,
And help me to stand,
Flood me with the grace,
That comes from Your hand,
Cleanse me from my sin,
Lord, forgive me again,
That I might be Yours alone.

Put a new fire in my soul,
Make this wounded spirit whole,
And help me see,
That I am free again.

Let these broken bones,
Rise up and rejoice,
Bring this captive home,
And lift up my voice,
Help my spirit sing,
Now to Jesus my king,
For He has forgiven me.

Lyrics from here.

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