Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Why the Resurrection?

Another book that has dwelt in my bookcase for a long time before finally being read.  It got its chance this Easter.

This book is short and easily readable in one sitting (77 pages), but it took me several in this stage of my life.  I thought it would be a useful resource to give to interested non-Christians, seeing as the resurrection is a stumbling block to faith for some.  However, after reading it, it seems it's actually for Christians!  It does provide evidence for the resurrection and debunks some of the popular objections (Jesus wasn't really dead, the disciples stole the body etc.), but it seems to be more of a glossary, providing lists and tables of the key people, events and prophecies fulfilled by the resurrection.

Overall, I didn't think it really taught me anything I didn't already know, and I found the notes next to each person's name telling me to check the 'People of the Resurrection' page really annoying and distracting.

If you're a new Christian, it's probably helpful.
If you're an established Christian, it'd be better to read something more in-depth.
If you're looking for an evangelistic book, there would be more appropriate ones out there.

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