Monday, March 20, 2017

The 13th March Strikes Again

Two years ago, I blogged about how I was beginning to think the 13th March was a cursed date for me, and last year I was pleased to report that the 13th March 2016 was a normal day.

Unfortunately this year the date was tinged with sadness.

On Friday 10th March, I received a text message from my dad letting me know he'd read in the death notices in the paper that a childhood friend of mine had passed away.  Jane and I went to school together from kindergarten (what is now pre-primary) to Year 12, but we'd lost touch after school finished.  I was numb with shock after receiving the news.  As more of our old school friends became aware of her death, I found out she had had cancer.  But, after talking to a few old friends via Facebook, it appeared that all of us had lost touch with her.  We were all shocked and upset, sharing photos of the 'old days' with Jane and remembering times we'd spent with her.

The 13th March was her funeral.  I wish I could have got to Perth for it.

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