Thursday, March 16, 2017

Unveiling Islam

Islam in Australian society continues to dominate headlines, so I thought this would be an appropriate time to review this book.

For a book about Islam to have credibility, I think it should be written by a Muslim or ex-Muslim.  I wouldn't like someone who wasn't a Christian writing a book about Christianity.  I'd think, Do you know what you're going on about, mate?  Unveiling Islam has this advantage over Islam in Our Backyard in that it's written by two of three brothers who were raised as Muslims and later converted to Christianity.  There are no cheesy, fictitious stories in this book; rather, theirs is true and painful.  Their beloved father disowned his three sons when they converted to Christianity, because his Islamic beliefs commanded it, even though it broke his heart to do so.

This book is blunt and to the point about what Muslims believe, and gives tips to Christians on how to answer and relate to Muslims in love. I think Islam in Our Backyard does a better job in summarising, whereas this book can be a bit long and rambly at times.  The book doesn't shy away from the difficult questions and perceptions of Islam, and proves that sometimes the media's perception of Islam as dangerous and radical is more accurate than the misguided, politically correct 'Islam is peace' Australians would want to believe.

If I knew a Christian or non-Christian wanting to understand more about Islam, I would give them this book.

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