Monday, June 17, 2013

2013: My Unlucky Year?

I'm not superstitious.

I've walked under ladders.  I own a black cat.

But I'm starting to wonder if there really is something unlucky about the number 13.

It was supposed to have been such a great year with Rory's arrival but, honestly, it just hasn't.  It's been awful.  I've spent six weeks of the year in hospital.  My auntie passed away.  Other things have been happening to those I care about which I can't go into on here.

After all the pre-season hype, the Eagles' season has been pretty darn average so far.  That's putting it kindly.

1996, the year I turned 13, was a cruddy year as well.  Am I seeing a pattern here?

I know bringing on 2014 won't make everything smooth sailing, but I've had enough of this year.  Enough! 

Please let the next six months be better than the first.  Please God, have I had my suffering quota for the year yet?

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Janine Ripper said...

Argh sounds like you are having the year I had in 2012...