Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Joint 30th

On Saturday 15th June, we went to....yep, you guessed it....another 30th!  This time it was a joint affair for Duncan's best man, Jamin, and his wife, Jodi.  Ladies were asked to wear black and pink, and men black and blue.

We headed up to Perth the night before the party and after a rough night with a non-sleeping bubba, I was hesitant about whether to bring him along.  But since we were without a babysitter, we brought him along as there were other people looking forward to meeting him.

Alas, Rory didn't want to sleep in his pram so we were there for less than two hours.  Oh well!  At least we made it, got to catch up with a few people....and have some fun with the photo booth.

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Janine Ripper said...

I love photo booths! I can tell you this - I know there will be one at our wedding! That's about all I know at the moment hehe.