Friday, June 21, 2013

5 Annoying Things Christians Say

1.  "We are in the Lord's house."
This is usually said in reference to the church building.  God does NOT need a building to dwell in.  There is nothing particularly 'holy' about meeting in a recognised 'church building' as opposed to Christians who meet in parks, homes, cafes, or community centres.

2.  "Firstly, I'm a wife/mum," or, "My kids come first."
No, firstly you are a child of God.  I don't like going to women's conferences where the speaker is introduced and they say something like, "Well, firstly I'm a mummy."  If that's the defining thing for a woman, then how do single women introduce themselves?  And what about the husband, where does he fit in?  God may have placed a woman in the role of wife and mother, but it's wrong to elevate kids to the position of little idols (besides, what are these women going to do when their kids grow up and leave home?).  There is too much focus on mothering and homemaking in some churches.

3.  "This is heaven," or, "It doesn't get much better than this," or, "I had the day from hell."
I often read posts by Christians on Facebook likening food and outings to heaven?  Really?  A piece of cake, fresh out of the oven, is as good as heaven?  We seriously have no idea how good heaven will be.  To be with God for all eternity in a place with no sickness, suffering, sin or death....that is beyond comprehension.  This I will be far better than cake, chocolate or a trip to the shops.  And no matter how bad our day is, it cannot compare to the awful reality of hell, so don't say it does.  Hell is eternal separation from God and, therefore, all that is good.  Your day may suck...a lot....but it will never be as terrible as hell.

4.  "Sunday best", or, "I need some new Sunday clothes."
You don't need to dress up to go to church.  You're not dressing up for God, you're dressing for people, for only people care about outward appearances.  God looks at the heart.

5.  "It doesn't resonate with me."
The word 'resonate' is so overused *yawn*.  It's usually said in relation to a Christian who didn't like a particular style of service.  Yes, some church services are not great.  It's not how I would do things, but it's not about me, or you, and what 'resonates' with us.  There will always be things about churches which don't 'resonate' with us.  Sometimes we just need to suck it up and get over it.

Which phrases that Christians often use particularly annoy you?


openid said...

Thanks for the post. It really resonated with me ... er .... I mean you make some great points.

Wendy said...

Great points Sarah. So true what you said about saying my kids are who I am. So many things wrong with that. Our identity is to be in Christ. What happens when things go wrong in parenting (like older kids rebelling), does that mean that you're a failure as a person? And indeed, what happens when they need you less, do you cling to them, because their what makes your life meaningful?

And number three, oh yes. It's lazy to use heaven and hell as comparatives for experiences here on earth. We have no idea!