Friday, June 28, 2013

The Pendulum: Breastfeeding or Bottle Feeding

I've never really had a strong opinion when it comes to feeding babies.  I'm still breastfeeding Rory, but it was tough to start with.  I thought I'd do it for six months and then stop.  In the beginning it was a battle to get to six weeks.  Now bubba and I have found our groove and his six month birthday is fast approaching, I'm not sure I want to stop.  Whereas before Rory would drink anything from anything, now he's decided he only wants breasts.  Expressed breastmilk from a bottle won't do; it must be fresh...straight from the cow, if you like.  This makes it difficult for me to leave him with anyone else for a reasonable period of time.

I stopped seeing breastfeeding as a dreaded chore when I went to hospital.  I learnt to see it as time out with my little man and it got easier.  I've mastered the whole feeding discreetly in public thing and we seem to have a good thing going on.

However, I can see there are also a lots of positives when it comes to bottle feeding.  Duncan wanted me to stop feeding so he could help out with feeds with me not being well.  I appreciate this, but I told him I'm not sure I want to stop at six months....and I don't think Rory will be happy if I stop anyway.

Here are the pros and cons I can see for both:


  • Convenient, no preparation required, always on tap, always the right temperature, no wastage.
  • Nice bonding time with Rory.
  • Great for weight loss.  I find I can pretty much eat without worrying about packing on the kilos.
  • Can sometimes be difficult to feed in public with conservative people around who disapprove no matter how discreet you are attempting to be.
  • Sore nipples.
  • I'm the only one who can feed him so I can't have extended times away from him.
  • I have to consider what I eat and if it might be affecting him.

  • Anyone can feed him.  Duncan and I could go away for a night together and leave Rory in someone else's care.
  • Can feed more openly without worrying if people disapprove or are having a perve.
  • He drinks quicker from a bottle (when he did happily drink from bottles).
  • I don't have to worry that what I eat might be upsetting him.
  • I would have to watch what I eat regarding putting on weight.
  • More preparation and washing up.
  • If I forget to pack his bottles he's going to go hungry.

Hmmm what to do.


Deb said...

Absolutely without a shred of doubt a choice you can make freely and happily without random blog friends sticking their beaks in and adding their opinions. That said, can I add one more pro to the breastfeeding side? It's free and you don't have to worry about when you'll have time to buy more if you're getting close to running out.

If you are managing well, maybe it's worth keeping on until you have a specific need to do otherwise? Seems a shame to upset the happy apple cart.

Karen said...

What Deb said...

Unashamedly pro-breastfeeding for at least the first 12 months here. It does get much quicker and easier from here on, especially once solids get going.

Iris Flavia said...

There just was a research that breast milk is definitively THE BEST for babies.
Bro and I (70´s!) grew up on bottles and are fine, too, though.
Guess the bonding is worth it?
What do I know, though...