Tuesday, February 16, 2016

5 Reasons Why It Rocks Being the Eldest Child

1. The most fuss gets made over your birth. You get the most presents, the most photos, the baby shower, the baby milestone book filled in. Ok, so you won't be able to remember all that, but it's nice to see the many photos your snap-happy parents took. Subsequent children tend to get less fuss.

2. You get new toys, clothes etc. 

3. You get more privileges and get to do things first. It's wonderful watching your younger sibling/s stomp off sulkily to bed, while you get a later bedtime.

4. You get to have the best bedroom first because you need the space to study.

5. Usually you're physically bigger than your siblings for at least the beginning. All the better for letting them know who's boss.

What do you think are good things about being the eldest child?

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Wendy said...

1. Leaving home first was hard, but had it's advantages (fuss made over me when I returned, for example). My parents were also less tired with me than with my siblings.
2. No precedents, which is also good and bad. But it meant that I got things I might not have otherwise...like a car in my first year of uni.
3. Less competition (I am 4 ½ years older than my next sister).
4. Got away with being bossy.
5. More of my parent's time, at times.