Thursday, February 25, 2016

Duncan's Improved Beak

My darling husband had suffered from migraines since before I knew him, and they've been getting more frequent and intense during the past year or so.

One night I was listening to him breathe (because his snoring was keeping me awake), and was shocked by how erratic his breathing was. I began to wonder if he was suffering from sleep apnoea. Now, I'm no doctor, but I realised that all of his migraines began before he woke up in the morning. By the time he got up and out of bed, it was already full blown. He'd start vomiting and had trouble taking any pain relief. I wondered if a lack of oxygen, due to his erratic breathing, was a major cause of his migraines.

After much wifely nagging, he saw a doctor and got a referral for a sleep test, and also to an Ear Nose and Throat specialist. The sleep test showed he had mild sleep apnoea, and an X-Ray showed he had crooked nasal passages and a polyp next to his tonsils.

Last month, he had surgery to correct it. I'm pleased to say he has recovered well, his snoring has decreased dramatically, and he's yet to have another migraine (although he's had headaches).

This is the photo he put on Facebook after his surgery. Selfie of the Year, I reckon.

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Amanda Hunt said...

Ohh poor Dunc. I'm glad its helping and good on you for picking up on that. Hopefully it will improve over time. Great Selfie!